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Taking the Gospel to Heart

At College Creek Church, we want to extend fellowship beyond Sunday mornings. We offer multiple ways to get involved, connect and dive deeper into the gospel.

Discipleship Training

Deepen Your Walk with Jesus

This is a teaching time, where we are equipped to grow in our relationship with God, and learn how to practically look, live, and love more like Jesus. Through a series of topical classes, you will dive deeper into a variety of topics including Spiritual Formation, Theology, Spiritual Disciplines, Missional Living, and more.

The Details

  • Meets on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month

  • We meet at The Haven (36 Clay Street) at 5pm

  • While regular attendance is encouraged, it is not required to be encouraged in your growth.

Image by Sincerely Media, people in training

Discipleship Triads

Each of us are called to be a follower of Jesus, to trust him, obey Him and live like Him. But how can we do that, unless we hear from Him?  Discipleship Triads are an opportunity to gather together with other Christians to share life and think about the things of God. In each group of 3, we share ways we are learning, being challenged and encouraged by God's Word using materials accessed through Right Now Media as well as church-created study guides.  

Looking to be in a triad? Email the office at or talk to a pastor. 

Right Now Media

We are excited to share that our church now has unlimited access to RightNow Media—the world’s largest streaming library of video Bible study resources. This extensive library has more than 20,000 videos taught by leaders like Francis Chan, Jennie Allen, J.D. Greear, Dr. Tony Evans, and many more. These Bible study videos can be used as part of a group study or for personal devotions, and many series include free discussion guides and handouts.


Our church believes that RightNow Media is a tool that can help you live out your faith in every area of your life—at home, at work, and in your community. In addition to series on books of the Bible, RightNow Media has videos for everyone in your family on a variety of topics like marriage, parenting, personal finances, mental health, and more. There’s even a library just for kids with over 2,000 safe, entertaining videos. RightNow Media has a free app that’s available on all major streaming devices so you and your family can access content anywhere, anytime. 


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